Noor Gil Energy Shomal Co

Consultant and energy audit of buildings, industries and their smartening

A private company with registration number 23858, the first energy consulting and audit company in the north of Iran, with the qualification from the country’s program and budget organization and obtaining international certificates from the country’s prestigious centers, with the cooperation of an experienced team of experienced engineers, is proud to be in line with the system. Green management and the implementation of Article 17 of the Clean Air Law in residential and office buildings as well as industries and factories.

Consulting and training energy saving solutions and consumption optimization for the personnel of offices and industries

Energy audit after evaluating the consumption of electricity and gas and obtaining the standard energy label

North Gil Energy Co
Having expert engineers in the energy evaluation and audit of government and non-government buildings as well as factories and industries, it is proud to be the first energy consulting and auditing company in Gilan province to take firm but slow steps towards optimizing and improving the energy consumption of this land. take away With the establishment of the energy monitoring management system in that complex, after evaluating and auditing the energy consumption with standard scientific and practical solutions, the downward trend of consumption will begin noticeably. Undoubtedly, by following the presented strategy and proper training for all users of that complex, you will witness the process of optimizing energy consumption. This work will not be possible unless we all work together to inherit this land in a favorable way for our children. Let’s leave it. Compatriots, you and I are responsible.

    company address
Rasht – Ansari Boulevard – the beginning of Ershad Street
Above Jam Jam Real Estate – Saber Building – First Floor
Unit one – postal code: 4178415465
Head office: 013-33736274
Service: 013-33758439
Fax: 013-33765507
Support: 09961985290
Email: Norgilenergy@iran.ir